New stuff in blog!

Hello! Our guitarist and vocalist, Martti, has written a blog about his feelings on the creation of the ‘Escherian’ album and how the process evolved. Please take a moment to check it out! To blog ... Read More »

Escherian out!

Ladies and gentlemen! Lucidity’s third album, ‘Escherian’, is now available on various digital platforms. This thematic work has been carefully crafted and lovingly treated. It contains much pain and a hint of despair. When all of this is mixed together, the result is this album. We are truly proud of... Read More »

Album release is postponed

One thing led to another, and as a result of circumstances beyond our control, we are forced to postpone the release of our upcoming album. ‘Escherian’ will be released on May 17th. This change has sparked a burst of inspiration, and as a result, we will be making a video for... Read More »

The second single, Threads To Follow, February 22nd!

The second single is titled ‘Threads To Follow.’ It will be released on February 22nd on all digital platforms, accompanied by a music video. This song explores the theme of blindly moving forward in the direction we are told. We don’t question the reason for the path, nor do we... Read More »

Night With No Morning OUT!

Night With No Morning is the first single release from Lucidity‘s upcoming Escherian album. The song sets in motion a thematic narrative where a character trapped in a parallel reality realizes they are reliving the same moments over and over again. The atmosphere of the song evokes a sense of distress brought about by... Read More »

Album name - first single

You know what? On November 30th, we will release the first single from our upcoming album. The album will be titled ‘Escherian‘, and the first single will be called ‘Night With No Morning‘. We will also be releasing a music video at that time. So, we recommend staying tuned. This... Read More »

Cover art and mixing and mastering - done!

Here’s something visually pleasing for you – the cover art for our upcoming album. The artwork beautifully captures the various dimensions of the forthcoming album. We are particularly thrilled about this, and we invite you to share in our excitement! Additionally, we want to inform you that the mixing and mastering... Read More »

Everything is recorded - mixing and mastering next

We are thrilled to announce that everything is now recorded! Our singer Martti endured weeks of vocal sessions at Teemu Liekkala’s studio, and we’ve captured all the songs for the upcoming album. Along the way, there were some tweaks to a few synthesizer parts to make the overall sound even... Read More »

Instruments with strings

Good day to you! The band Lucidity spent the weekend in the beautiful lake landscapes of Karstula, recording nearly all of their string instruments for the upcoming album. The surroundings brought a fitting harmony to the hectic process, resulting in something truly magnificent. Naturally, there were some minor challenges, as... Read More »

The Process begins!

Hello everyone! Today’s the day. The recordings for our third album are kicking off. Naturally, we’re starting with the drums, which our drummer, Pekka, will be recording at the SN-Audio studio in Jyväskylä. Once again, we’re refraining from making any promises regarding schedules because, historically, whenever we do, something dreadful... Read More »

Theme album coming up!

The band named Lucidity is beginning the process for their new album. The idea is to create a thematic whole, where the story unfolds through the songs. The character in the story is trapped in a parallel reality, reliving the same moment over and over, searching for a way out.... Read More »

Oceanum, x 7 different top albums of 2019

Hello! Seems like we have done something right. Our latest album, Oceanum, has been nominated as top album of 2019 in seven different zines and magazines. We are in awe of this. So huge thank you. Year 2019 went by with just one live show from our part. That was because of... Read More »

Deeper into Oceanum part VIII

Last episode, track number 8, What If It Hurts. Blog here. ... Read More »

Deeper into Oceanum part VII

All hail satan! This time we head deep into the black river, with the track At The End Of The Black River! Blog entry here. Also, here is another review from Imperium 8/10! (only in Finnish) And again, also, a huge thank you to you all! Oceanum has been listened over 100... Read More »

Deeper into Oceanum part VI

This time we had track number 6 under the microscope. Just A Name. Blog here. Also few reviews: Subterraneo Webzine (in Spanish) No Clean Singing (in English) Insane Voices Labirynth (in Italian) ... Read More »

Deeper into Oceanum part V

Track number 5, The Hope in Severance. Blog. ... Read More »

Deeper into Oceanum part IV

This time we dig a little deeper into track number 4, Borders Of Then And Now. You can find it from here. Don’t forget to check the videos below!   ... Read More »

Deeper into Oceanum part III

Hello ya all! Deeper into Oceanum part 3 is now out, with making of video! You can find them here. Also, we are honoured to be part of this best European bands list, part 112. That is quite amazing. ... Read More »

Deeper Into Oceanum part II

Deeper into Oceanum, 02 Unveiled can be found here. Also, we got 5/5 in this review by FHMF! (in Finnish) We also found this fantastic interpretation of Surface! Check it out! ... Read More »

Reviews and news and making of

Oceanum has been out for little over a month and during this time we have gotten a numerous of messages from you all lovely people! The feedback has been totally overwhelming. So the band would like to thank you all. We have a pleasure to be in top-20 sold metal albums... Read More »

Interview, reviews and stuff

First, Martti had a chat with The Rock Metal Podcast about two music videos and Oceanum. You can find the interview from their website, Spotify or Google Play. Second, we have had few reviews, and here they are: – 9/10 (in Czech) – 4/5 (in Finnish) (in Greek) The Rocktologist – 19/20 (in... Read More »

Samis playlist

Sami added his list to our blog. Being a bass player, counting to ten is quite hard. ... Read More »

Oceanum is out, now!

Greetings from Lucidity! Luciditys second album, Oceanum is out now. So, if you are into atmospheric / prog(ish) / dark / melancholic / metal / rock(ish) music, I think you should definitely give Lucidity a chance! Spotify, and Deezer links below. If you are “old school” and want to have a... Read More »

Scotoma is out!

Single number two is out now! ... Read More »

Pekkas list!

Pekka added his list with small explanations. Pekka’s list. ... Read More »

Top-10 lists coming up.

Greetings to ya all! We decided to do playlists to share our own view for music. Martti did his list first with little explanations. Note! Pick number 7. is not on Spotify, so Martti added the next best thing instead. You will find the list here. ... Read More »

Single number two!

Single number two, Scotoma, will be released 23.01.2019 in Spotify. Also a lyric video will be premiered 22.01.2019 09:00 PM (EET, UTC +2) in Youtube, link below. So stay tuned! ... Read More »

First single and a video out now!

First single and a video out. Surface. Enjoy! ... Read More »

Single release date!

Greetings to ya all! We will release first single from upcoming album, Oceanum 14.12.2018 first as an video in Youtube and later in Spotify! Youtube premiere can be found here. ... Read More »

Small teasers for you

First of all, the album is done. Next stop is mastering and then the release. The exact date will be revealed soon. And we have to tell you, this album will be fantastic. And here’s a couple of small teasers. Enjoy and stay tuned! Part I Part II ... Read More »

We have a name for the album number II

…And it is called “Oceanum”. We also have a cover art for the album. It reflects the dark atmosphere perfectly that the music also has. ... Read More »

New logo!

And here it is! ... Read More »

Vuoden paras esikoislevy? Uutta levyä?

Tervehdys ihmiset maailman! Ensinnäkin, olemma ehdolla “Vuoden paras esikoislevy” äänestyksessä Levykauppa Äxän sivuilla! Onhan se meidän esikoislevy hyvä, joten sitten äänet tuonne alla olevaan linkkiin. Toisinnäkin, olemma tehneet ripakopallisen uusia kappaleita. Nyt niitä on 7 kpl läjässä. Jos tykkäsit meidän esikoislevystä, tulet tykkäämään myös meidän toisesta! Äänet tänne ... Read More »

News flash!

Greetings earthlings. As many of you have probably noticed, we have not yet entered the studio to record our second album. The band was forced to put their priorities in order, when one of the members built a house and one of the members became a father. But, Lucidity will go into... Read More »


Tervehdys maan kansalaiset! Kuten moni teistä on varmasti huomannut, emme ole vielä astuneet studioon nauhoittamaan toista levyämme. Orkesteri joutui laittamaan prioriteettejaan uudelleen järjestykseen kun yksi jäsenistä rakensi talon ja yhdestä jäsenistä tuli isä. Mutta, Lucidity tulee menemään studioon. Se on varma! Biisit ovat valmiina ja materiaali tulee mieltä ravisuttavaa. Joten, kun nauhoitukset... Read More »

2015 Poissa!

2015 Poissa! 2015 piti sisällään debyyttijulkaisun sekä monia hyviä keikkoja, paikoissa missä Lucidityn soitantaa livenä ei oltu vielä kuultu. Kiitoksia olisi kiva jakaa kaikille henkilökohtaisesti, mutta kiitettäviä on niin paljon, joten kaikille yhteisesti: Kiitos. Mutta nyt me jäämme tauolle. Tämän tauon aikana tulemme pistämään läjään erinäisen määrän biisejä meidän tulevaa toista albumiamme... Read More »

2015 Gone!

In year 2015 we released our debut album and played a number of shows all over Finland, in places we haven’t played before. It would be nice to thank everyone individually, but there’s just so many people to think, so to everyone: Thank You! But now we shall have a break.... Read More »

Blogiin lisätty monen monta merkintää!

Blogiin laitettu merkintöjä mm. Vantaalta ja Helsingistä. Myös Turku vahvasti läsnä, sillä orkesteri soitti siellä ehdottomasti yhden parhaista keikoistaan ikinä. ... Read More »

Keikkoja kalenteriin!

Kalenterit kuntoon ihmiset! Nimittäin: 11.07.2015 – Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta 16.07.2015 – Ravintola Torvi, Lahti 18.09.2015 – Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa 19.09.2015 – Bar Loose, Helsinki 25.09.2015 – Rokbar, Turku Nähkäämme siellä! ... Read More »

New video online + few reviews.

Well hello from Camp Lucidity! We just added new video to our Youtube channel. Check it out!     Also, here’s few reviews: Inferno 4/5 (FIN) Zware Metalen (GER) Metal Norge (NOR) ... Read More »

Reviews. Arvioita.

First reviews! More to come! Kaaoszine (FIN) Metalliluola (FIN) RockHard Greece (GR) Lords Of Metal (ENG) Pest Webzine (ENG) Imperiumi (FIN) Desibeli (FIN) ... Read More »

Album out!

It is out! How about that! ... Read More »

The Oblivion Circle pre-listening possible!

Kuka haluaa kuunnella meidän levyä?! Ennakkokuuntelua tarjolla viikon ajan alla. Who wants to listen our album?! Pre-listening available for one week below. Ja ilmoitettakoon samalla että keikka Tampereella on siirtynyt keväälle, tarkempaa aikaa ei osata vielä kertoa mutta sen kerromme heti kun sen tiedämme. Kiitos! ... Read More »

The Oblivion Circle release date!

10 years ago few young men from Jyväskylä Finland were talking about forming a band. 10 years after that conversation Lucidity releases their debut album, The Oblivion Circle. Bands roots has always been in death metal, but over the years bands music has widen to many directions. The Oblivion Circle... Read More »

Again, things have moved on!

It has been a long road to this point, yet the finish line is on the horizon. Album is recorded, mixed, mastered and covers are done. Almost everything is ready. Only one thing to do; release it! That I can tell you, it will be relesed soon. Exact dates are... Read More »


What’s left to do? Mix and remaster. It already sounds fantastic! ... Read More »

Things movin on…

Hello to you all from Lucidity camp! Things has moved on. We have been living in our rehearsal place for some time now, and it seems that our debut album will have 8 tracks. All of them are new. And all of them are dynamite. Naturally. Also our website has been updated... Read More »

Asiat etenee…

Hyvää päivää Lucidityn leiristä! Asiat ovat edenneet. Orkesteri on lähes asunut treenikämpällään jonku aikaa jo, ja näyttää siltä että debyyttilevy tulee sisältämään 8 kappaletta. Kaikki uusia. Ja kaikki dynamiittia. Luonnollisesti. Lisäksi kotisivumme sisällönhallintajärjestelmä on päivitetty uuteen. Toivottavasti tämä toimisi hiukan paremmin kuin edellinen. Sisällöllisesti sivut ovat kuitenkin aika samat kuin edelliset. Lucidity kun... Read More »

Lucidity – Debyytti – Debut

Asiat ovat nyt siinä pisteessä että Lucidity siirtyy hetkeksi pitämään pientä taukoa. Miksi? Noh, koska Lucidity säntää syksyllä studioon nauhoittamaan debyyttiään. Sävellystyö on aloitettu ja muutama biisi onkin jo valmiina. Prosessi tullaan dokumentoimaan sekä liikkuvalle että epäliikkuvallekuvalle, ja myös blogia (toivottavasti ajallaan) tullaan päivittelemään kun jotain raportoitavaa tapahtuu. Pysykäämmä siis kuulolla!! Things... Read More »

Blogit lisätty ja keikkaa pukkaa!

Laiskalla kädellä blogeilun startannut Lucidity jatkaa samalla linjalla, 2 kpl blogia lisäilty. Lisäksi kalenterimme näyttää että meillä olisi keikka tulevana viikonloppuna Pub Katseessa. Mukana melskeessä myös Soulfallen ja Deliriums Order. Kannattaako tulla paikalle? Todellakin. English. Blog updated, but again, in finnish. Also gig comming up @ Pub Katse, Jyväskylä Finland. If... Read More »

2012 – Gone!

Year 2012 is about to end. As Mayans predicted, world was supposed to end in 2012. Signs of the ending of the world happened here in Finland also; Lucidity played 3 shows in 6 months! Yet the world seems to continue. And Lucidity will continue. Lucidity would like to following people... Read More »

Blogia päivitelty x 2

Lucidityn hiljaisuus keikkojen merkeissä, kun ensiksi kesäkuun lopussa vetäistiin veto Mikkelissä. Hiljaisuus rikottiin menneenä viikonloppuna Jyväskylässä. Molemmista tapahtumista löytyy merkinnät blogissamme. Käykää siis tutkimassa Keski-Suomen vaarallisimman bändin mietteet keikoista. ... Read More »

Update and gigs has been updated with new content management system, so in futurue this site should be extremely well updated. Also, now we have new fantastic blog. So in future blog should have new posts lot more often than before. One downside though, usually all posts are in finnish. Sorry about that. About gigs. Tommorrow (23.08.2012)... Read More »

Keikka lisätty kalenteriin.

Lucidity soittelee kotikentällä keikan Grimacen kanssa 24.08.2012. Paikkana toimii tuttu ja turvallinen RedNeck. Nähdään siellä!! ... Read More »

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