10 years ago in Jyväskylä Finland, two young men discussed about forming a band. 10 years after those discussions, Lucidity releases their debut album, The Oblivion Circle. A number of gigs, four pieces of demos with very good reviews, and with increased trust of their own vision, Lucidity decided to make a full length album.

Since those early days, band’s musical roots have always been in death metal, but over the years, the musical expression has diversified. The Oblivion Circle indeed embodies the brutality and sensitivity, black and white, excerpts from the past as well as the best pieces of the present. However, all of this without stumbling on own cleverness.

Although the debut of Lucidity does not contain any old songs over the years, the band is not ashamed of their past. The members decided to build their debut from a completely pure basis showing where the musical interests of the moment ventures. The result is an album of which the band members can be proud of for years to come.



Martti Pohjosaho - guitars & vocals
Jari Kinnunen - guitars & vocals
Sami Ahmaoja - bass
Pekka Parantainen - drums