Deep into Oceanum, 01 Surface

01 Surface

In spring of 2016, I got an email from Mika Minkkinen, that contained some lyrics. This time I just sended versions of our songs to him and he started to write whatever comes out, so I didn't do any explanations about the songs. My thinking was let him do what he does. As I went through the stuff he had come up with, I saw the lyrics to a song that later became Surface, and my view for the whole album changed. Those lyrics had the coldness and the atmosphere that I wanted to have in every song.

There was about 12 songs that were almost done, and after the realization what Mika had come up with I destroyed half of those songs and made changes to the rest of them. Only one song remained untouched and that was Surface. That song had all the same elements that the lyrics had.

Then we started to work on these songs as a group. Few small changes to the structure of the song, Jari Kinnunen played the solo to this song and he wanted to change few chords in solo riff. That change gave more colour to the song and we all were on board with that idea. The ending of the song was the only thing that was little difficult, but after trying few different endings, the most simple one felt right.

For vocal parts I had few ideas for the first mellow part but the one after that was totally unknown. Luckily we have producer like Teemu Liekkala. His ideas took this song to another level level. And ofcourse his numerous levels of vocal harmonies, which has become a part of our sound.

So, that is the story of Surface!

Check the making of and music videos below!


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