Deeper into Oceanum, 05 The Hope In Severance

One day I programmed a drumbeat and just started playing guitar on top of it. That became this songs chorus. Then I had an idea for a clean guitar part, that uses the same notes, but played differently. Then I had a verse. Suddenly I had an idea for a heavier part, just before the verse, and there it was.

This song was born just like that. It was some sort of creative burt, that just kept on happening. Sadly, that kind of bursts tends to be quite rare occasion. But when it happens, I have to continue as long as it lasts.

The structure is really good in this one. It has the same kind of vibe than track number 4 Borders Of Then And Now, yet it still is little different. I really love the mellow part in the middle of the song. It has little 70´s vibe in it.

The lyrics are quite mouthful to sing. There is just so much going on, but they totally fit the song.

Good track!

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