The Oblivion Circle

Track list:
1. The Process to born again
2. Conjuring Veil
3. Death Is A Gate
4. Closer The Vision
5. Appearing As A Dream
6. Worlds Within The World
7. Trail
8. Cortege

Female vocals on Worlds Within The World by Annika Jalkanen. Percussions on Trail by Samuli Mikkonen. All keyboards by Martti Pohjosaho. All lyrics by Mika Minkkinen, except lyrics on Appearing As A Dream by Martti Pohjosaho. All music by Martti Pohjosaho & Lucidity.

The Oblivion Circle was recorded at SN-Audio Productions during months of March to July 2014. Produced and mixed by Lucidity, Sami Niittykoski and Teemu Liekkala. Masteder at Audiamond by Matias Ahonen. Promotional picture by Vesa Muhonen – Studio taikalaatikko. Cover and design by Martti Pohjosaho.