Deeper into Oceanum, 02 Unveiled

The track number two, Unveiled.

This song is one of the newest in the album. The first version of it was extremely complex. It had 3 different sections and extremely many layers… But it just didn't work. The heaviness and the coldness wasn’t there when the structure was so complex. So I decided to strip the song to it’s bones and started to try little more to the point kind of approach, and that worked.

I love the diversity of this song. Solo riff and the one after that are totally different type of riffs than the rest in this song, still they somehow fit. Especially the rhythm section works extremely well together in those two riffs.

When we started to rehearse this song as a group, we made few little changes to it. On of them was to drop the tempo little, to get more heaviness to the first part of the song. Also we changed the groove in the solo riff and in the one after that. This change gave more room for the all mighty rhythm section to do their thing.

I had lyrics from an old song that just had to be in Unveiled. Those lyrics are also made by Mika Minkkinen. Coldness, heaviness and the evil atmosphere connected with the music and lyrics so well, that I had thoughts of keeping this song clean vocal free. Just death / black metal screams. Just like in every single one of our songs, that changed in the studio with Teemu Liekkala. We started to explore a bit and then we had parts that combine black metal and grunge.

Witch is nice!

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